EPSO-Ukraine Working Group for sharing information



15-3-33 The Hague – Netherlands

The EPSO Ukraine Working group started on the initiative of England and Portugal and will be introduced in our EPSO Monthly taskforce meeting of the 6th of April by our EPSO board member prof Alvaro Moreira da Silva and our CQC-EPSO lead contact partner Charles Rendell (10 minutes)

The EPSO Joint Office has been discussing this week with the EPSO board and some colleagues what should /could be done by EPSO in the context of Ukraine.

This war is of course much bigger than EPSO. However, we decided to do something that is within our power and close to our normal work: sharing info on health issues and topics that can support Ukrainian refugees in Europe and their helpers:

  • Individuals, Families or Organisations that offer help to Ukrainians and have questions about health or safety related questions or issues can approach EPSO by mail or phone
  • EPSO assists via its partners with health-related advice about health or safety related questions /issues to support Ukrainian citizens coming to Europe.

Therefore, we have set up:

  • A new webpage for the EPSO – Ukraine working group: https://epso-net.eu/working-groups/ukraine-working-group/  for sharing information between partners.
  • The EPSO – Ukraine phone line to assist with help and connect to our contacts: the number is +31685083001.
  • Our email address info@epsonet.eu which is open for all questions re health issues in this context.

For specific health issues we will share direct contacts that are made available to us by our partners in the various countries in Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region.

Many of our supervisory partners are dealing with health issues or practical health related questions when Ukrainian citizens come to Europe. We at EPSO are standing by to assist with getting answers to these questions via our contacts and our network.

Via our partners we can offer direct help or advice to health issues such as war-trauma, people with disabilities, mental health for children and help for people with learning disabilities etc. In this context EPSO can also help with advice on preventive measures in case of infectious diseases, hygiene issues and more in general with issues around the right of access to healthcare.

One of the issues that we will focus on is attention to prevent human trafficking, ‘modern slavery’ or other forms of exploitation in the context of large numbers of vulnerable people crossing borders.

To assist with health questions and issues we started this week a new EPSO – Ukraine working group with a new webpage to support Ukraine by sharing information from EPSO partners and if necessary, sharing contact details of experts that can offer help or relevant information.

The working group is open to all our EPSO partners and contacts, and the webpage is open to all (without password) with the aim of sharing information, assistance, and support via our partners in the various countries.

Please let us know if you want to join the group or if you have in your country anything to share with our Ukraine working group (we started with England, Portugal, Latvia, and the Netherlands). The webpage is available now and might be shared on social media etc. The email is open for questions and the phone-line is activated and can be reached 24/7.

On this page you can find the shared information by the EPSO-UKRAINE Working Group  as this information is made available by the EPSO partners or EPSO Joint Office – For any questions please call the EPSO UKRAINE infoline: +31 – 685083001


updated 6-04-22

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(INFO available from  Portugal , Denmark, Scotland, Netherlands- Ukraine, England)