Observation in Supervisory Practice Working Group

Previous and upcoming meetings

On this page you can find the agenda and presentations of previous and upcoming Observation in Supervisory Practice Working Group meetings.


Carien Geertse (chair) , The Netherlands; David Frances, Wales ;  Heather Edwards, Scotland ; Sipko Mülder, The Netherlands(IGZ); Hanne Sognstrup ,Denmark (NBSS); Anne Lund Frydensberg, Denmark (NBSS); Birgir Jakobsson, Iceland; Charlotte Hjort, Denmark (DPSA); Sorien Kleefstra, The Netherlands(IGZ); Hanna Ahonen, Finland; Kees Reedijk, The Netherlands (Youth Inspectorate) ;  Lene Annette Norberg, Denmark (DPSA);Leifur Bárðarson, Iceland;Eve Pilt, Estonia.

Support and co-ordination by EPSO Joint Office

WG Meeting on 24th April 2017 in London, England

Starting document
Additional material

Is your care home dementia friendly?

Summary NIVEL report: Intention to comply

WG Meeting on 28th September 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden

  Meeting agenda:

  1. Informal start of the working group (chair Carien Geertse, acting chair Sipko Mülder, the Netherlands) ;
  2. Introductory round by the participants of the working group. Please be prepared for discussion based on the draft starting document as sent to those delegates who have expressed their interest in the working group in Kosovo or afterwards ;
  3. Discussion of key issues, thoughts and questions ;
  4.     Round up, next steps, commitments and possible start of a pilot on observation in one of the countries involved.

Acting chair presentation by Sipko Mulder