Complaints Working Group

This working group is finished

The Complaints topics are now combined with our Patient and User Participation working group. 

Participants: Flanders Gerda Schotte /Norway Aud Nordal /Germany Katja Peeters  observer)  /  Finland Katia Kayhko/Kirsti Kotiniemi /  Lituania Ramune Navickiene (np) / Estonia Mihhail Muzotsin/ Northern Ireland  Theresa Nixon/ Sweden Katarina Lagerstedt (np) / Slovenia Eva Kompan ( np) / France ( Charles Bruneau (np)  / Netherland Paul Robben and EPSO Jooske Vos

Presentations in Brussels:  – Stef van Eekert ( Flanders inspectorate) /  Sabine De Brabanter and Marielle Maes  ( rusthuisinfofoon )

Chair: Krist Debruyn Flanders 

np= not present in Brussels

WG Meeting on 5th February 2010 in Brussels, Belgium


Presentation 5th of February on the work and methods of  the “rusthuisinfoon” by Sabine De Brabanter

Presentation held on 5th of February on complaints handling by Krist Debruyn (flemish inspectorate)

Handling complaints by Legemaate Tallinn

User participation overview document of 9 practices

Swedish study