Risk Working Group

Swedish-Scotland pilot project developing a new framework for supervision for child and youth care homes

Visit to Care Inspectorate Scotland to get aquitance with new developments and to discuss the possible co-operation (4-6 December 2017). Klas Öberg, Research and Project leader (IVO), Karen Reid, Chief Executive (CI), Kevin Mitchell, Executive Director of Scrutiny and Assurance (CI), Mari Murel, Reasearch and Policy officer (EPSO).   

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Supervision of child and youth care homes from a risk and quality perspective

Inspired by the Scottish model for supervision of child and youth care homes, the Swedish Inspectorate of Health and Welfare (IVO) is currently working on a pilot project developing a new framework for supervision. The aim of the project is that IVO in the future will contribute more in making a difference for children and youth who live in care homes. This will be achieved by:

1)      Basing the supervision on what is essential to children and youth

2)      Focusing on the care homes that have the biggest shortcomings

3)      Ensuring that IVO gets a summarizing review of the quality of all care homes based on a risk analysis

The project includes an environmental perspective on risk and quality in care homes, both in Sweden and abroad. The investigators Anna Öström and Ann-Christine Pettersson are the project leaders of this pilot project and on the 16th of April they will attend the EPSO Risk working group to present and discuss their current pilot project.

 Young volunteers presentation:

Kevin CI Toni and Raysa presentation (2).ppt

is link a video of  young inspection volunteers speaking  about the importance of enduring relationships as well as the importance of the role


the link to the new promotional video the young inspector volunteers have just made.  2018 is Year of Young People in Scotland and the volunteers have been working really hard to raise awareness internally and externally about their role and the work they are involved in.  https://vimeo.com/258280651/ab7c989013

Care Inspectorate begin revised Joint Inspection model: