Effectiveness working group meeting - Stockholm 2016

Effectiveness working group meeting

13:30-15:00 (local time) Wednesday 28 September in Stockholm, Sweden

Location : IVO (Swedish Health and Social care Inspectorate), Solnavägen 4

Participants :

  1. Riitta Aejmelaeus, Finland (chair );
  2. Hanna Ahonen, Finland;
  3. Henrik Frostholm, Denmark (NBSS);
  4. Anne Lund Frydensberg, Denmark (NBSS);
  5. Ian Leistikow, The Netherlands(IGZ);
  6.  Lena Gravensen, Denmark (DPSA);
  7. Lene Annette Norberg, Denmark (DPSA);
  8. Ainars Civcs, Latvia;
  9. Lena Weilandt , Sweden;
  10. Lennart Pettersson, Sweden;
  11. Alexandrina Gigova, Bulgaria;
  12.   Kees Reedijk, The Netherlands (Youth Inspectorate);
  13. Jooske Vos, EPSO;
  14. Mari Murel, EPSO;


  1. Follow up suggestions by Riitta Aejmelaeus, Finland (chair of the working group) (10 min);
  2. Discussion as a follow up of the Oslo meeting. Please be prepared to present the recent developments in your country/working area (30 min);
  3. Agreeing on the prospective focus of the working group (30 min);
  4. Round up, next steps and commitments (20 min).

Short notes from Henrik Frostholm (NBSS, Denmark)

Summary from Riitta Aejmelaeus (chair, Finland)