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 added 13.10.2015:

Inspection Program for Acute Care Hospitals :: Washington State Dept. of Health

Eurinspect is the small size organisation that supports EPSO in European Co-operattion of Inspectorates , regulators and supervisory organisations. 

VIDE is the Dutch cooperation of supervisory organisations , the European counterpart of vide is the European Evaluation society EES.

We would be happy for the EPSO Secretariat to place a link on its website to the Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders, HPCB website

Project Officer

Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders

EPSO has a co-operation with ESQH

see Presentation of Charles Shaw ESQH at the London Conference


ECPR Research Centers on Regulatory Governance:   

Chad Jeudy


ISQua’s International Accreditation Programme (IAP) is  the leading  global  health care external evaluation programme that ‘Accredits the Accreditors’.