How to join EPSO

HOW is EPSO growing towards a full coverage of all European countries?

EPSO uses a Step by Step Growth scenario to co-operate with the supervising authorties in Europe.

The final aim is that all European countries including related countries like the EFTA countries and  possibly  other countries like the  aspiring EU members such as Turkey  have joined the EPSO network.


This step by step growth scenario implies that at the EPSO conferences one by one new countries or regions are invited by the EPSO board to participate in the debate at the conference (in general on their own expenses).

In 2012, 18 countries or regions have been participating in one or more conferences. If this development sets forward, in 2015 more countries have ‘joined the club’ and the great majority of all 27 countries will be a member of EPSO. Finally the aim is that EPSO  – from a bottum up start – will  involve all 27 EU countries and the EFTA countries as well.

The meetings will by then have a more ambitious – but not a ‘large scale’ – character. The essential small scale debates with an open eye for all participants and all good or bad experiences in health care and social care will -hopefully- stay as one of the characteristics  of E PSO and the EPSO organisation.    

If you are interested in joining, if you want to participate in the debate or you want to get involved otherwise, please let us know at the below mentioned contact adress or telephone.


The procedure to join EPSO is as follows:

A country or regions that is interested in EPSO membership is informed by the secretariat about rights and duties in accordance with the terms of reference of EPSO. If the candidate member wants the format of the own organisation ( as will be shown on the EPSO website  at the page ‘participants’) is filled in by the organisation and the EPSO board decides whether the organisation does fit in the EPSO context. This is usually the case when the organisation is more or less independently related to her national government and is involved in a way of supervisory, monitoring or quality promoting activities in health care and / or social care. This means that members of this organisation are for a substantial part of their work invoy involved in inspecting or measuring the quality of health and or care services to promote quality and safety of good health and social care within the limits set by the national states or regions and within the European context. 


EPSO contact adress:


Benoordenhoutseweg 21-23

2596 BA Den Haag

T +31703142458

T +31613163557