30th EPSO Conference 20 and 21 May 2021 and Working Groups 19 and 21 May 2021 (online)

30th EPSO Conference 20 and 21 May 2021, The Hague – online

Hosted by: The Latvian Health Inspectorate (Latvijas Veselības inspekcija),
Supported by: EPSO Joint Office, the Hague



The 30th EPSO Conference which was planned in Riga, Latvia 19-21 May, is now transformed into:

Online Conference (20/21 May) from The Hague, The Netherlands on the following topics:

– Learnings from Covid-19 in supervisory practice.

– Effect on special groups.

– E-Health, Digital health, E-inspection, and cross-border co-operation.

– End of Life care.

– Equality and Inclusion in healthcare and supervisory practice.

– Systems regulation and improvement of supervisory systems – System Audits

– Indicators

Online Working Groups (19/21 May) from The Hague, The Netherlands:

– End of Life Care -19
th of May

– Preparing for the conference topic of Effectiveness in supervisory practise -21
st of May

– Face to face Conference in Riga on the 30th of September – the 1st of October around the topic of Effectiveness in Supervisory practice.