-Rh1From General Sources 

The Barents Programme

The Barents Programme on New Technology and Methods in Health Care in Sparsely Populated Areas


The journal of Nursing Home Research

NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care delivery

Learning Systems in Times of Crisis: the Covid-19 Critical Intelligence Unit in New South Wales, Australia

Navigating the Covid-19 Pandemic by Caring for Our Health Care Workforce as They Care for Our Patients

The I-READI Quality and Safety Framework: A Health System’s Response to Airway Complications in Mechanically Ventilated Patients with Covid-19

 EPSO General INFO  

Jooske Vos EPSO presentation for OECD Webinar 10-6-2020


From Countries



110321 England CQC Report/ Review on healthcare for children and young people in England during the Covid-19 pandemic 

3-11-2021 Victoria Donner Presentation Provider Collaboration Update for EPSO Monthly TF meeting November 21

Link to CQC full document Provider Collaboration Review November 21  Mental Health Care Children and Young People


070421England CQC Report Protect, Respect, Connect published 18-03-21   https://www.cqc.org.uk/publications/themed-work/protect-respect-connect-%E2%80%93-decisions-about-living-dying-well-during-covid-19

0302021 https://www.youtube.com/user/cqcdigitalcomms/videos



06012021 Review of Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic – Interim report November 2020 | Care Quality Commission (cqc.org.uk)

The Guardian article 1-6: How could watchdogs fail so spectacularly to keep care home residents and staff safe?

Useful Resources to support community and institutional Long-Term Care responses to COVID-19  https://ltccovid.org/

https://www.careopinion.org.uk/ -users voice

 The NY Times article 25-5 On a Scottish Isle, Nursing Home Deaths Expose a Covid-19 Scandal


 Presentation testing and tracing Brian Lee 3-2-21


211006 Summary of the Latvian Air Quality Project 2021



06012021 Ethical dilemmas in healthcare in the Netherlands during Covid

06012021 Uitgangspunten voor testen op Covid 19 ( waaronder antigeen sneltesten buiten ggd locaties) Basic Principles for Covid 19 testing in the Netherlands including antigeen quicktesting


New Zealand

220310 Tele-health use by different ethnic groups including Moari 

0408021 Richard Hamblin, Carl Shuker Well Spotted: but now you need to do something bmjqs-2019-010659

0303021Presentation Leigh Manson on ACP Advance Care Plan

0303021 Additional information Leigh Manson sent to prepare for March 21 meeting C19 TF

Article by Richard Hamblin and Carl Shuker of the Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand

Equity of care giving- article in NZ Herald

Bouncing back after lockdown: How do we deal with a big healthcare backlog?


06012021 Portugese end of life care experiences

06012021 Portuguese end of life care experiences powerpoint 




EU Research: ‘timely development and uptake of performance intelligence to help govern our health care services and systems through the various phases of the pandemic’: https://www.healthpros-h2020.eu

The Pandemics 4th wave: https://hcldr.wordpress.com/2020/04/07/the-pandemics-4th-wave/

 EU Decision on serious cross-border threats to health and repealing Decision (2013)

 From IFIC:

IFIC Andrew Terris IFIC presentation 24-6-2020 IFIC3525 Covid-19 Thought Leadership – EPSO

IFIC´s  leadership paper on the foundations required in a world with and post covid and the role of integrated care:


From OECD: